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ESW is building an elegant, efficient, and effective software application framework in Java that makes creating n -tier applications much easier.

Our programs handle data access, transport, data structure, and services architecture to speed application development.

Presenting  DB Connection Pooling .

The DB Connection Pooling framework provides connection pooling for the JDBC API. A plethora of options and settings allow the developer to control how the pooling works. Automatic reconnection code is one of the built in features of this flexible framework. The api is comparable to other JDBC Database Connection Pooling products on the market. It has the benefit of being open and extensible.

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Presenting Node and MetaCollections .

The Node framework provides a general purpose, graph based data structure that can contain any type or form of data. A simple Java based API allows easy access to and manipulation of that data.

The MetaCollection framework extends the Node framework, providing easy access to any data, from any data source, from anywhere in your enterprise -- or your business partner's enterprise. Rich data transformation abilities enable developers to learn only one API instead of dozens (like JDBC, DOM/SAX, EJB Connectors, Streams, Tokenizers, and others).

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Presenting Properties.

The Properties framework provides a general purpose property access system for any Java project. It allows for many different types of properties ( XML Files, Databases, java.util.Properties, etc).

The Properties system is accessible with a single line of code and provides an incredibly easy way to configure our Java program.

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Presenting Transport.

The Transport framework provides a general purpose Remote Method Access system to help any Java project. The default system is based on Java RMI with JDK1.3's Dynamic Proxy mechanism to let the developer use RMI without needing to generate any stub or skeleton classes.

The Transport framework also allows for the .

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