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The ESW Project's Properties API provides a very generic, easy to use properties structure, that allows the developer to quickly enable their application to be statically or dynamically configured through the use of many different properties sources. These property sources can be on the local machine in files, remotely accessible files, databases, or any other source for property information. The use of properties to control application configuration can dramatically increase the flexability and ease of support for the application and help to extend the application lifetime.

The Properties API contains a single destination that the developer can use to access their desired property information. It allows for many different property sources to be attached under this single point of entry with rankings to allow an orderly determination of which property is returned. Common uses for this strategy include having a HTTP accessible property source that governs application configuration and allows many of the properties to be centralized, but also having a local property source on the application machine with a higher ranking, to allow properties to be overridden for this machine's application.

The Properties can contain default locations, and also access System Properties, to allow properties to be configured in the application command line.


Look at the examples, the JavaDocs to see the abilities of these classes.

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