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In a programming environment where access to data is of paramount concern, anything that makes data access easier will save programmers time. And as it is often said, time is money.

Nearly a third of a developer's time is spent writing code that accesses data sources, like relational databases or comma delimited text files, or mapping that data into an object hierarchy that business logic can manipulate.

Node and MetaCollections provide an easy method for getting access to and manipulating data from any data source, anywhere within your enterprise or your business partners enterprise. For example, what once took hundreds of lines of code to read and parse a comma delimited file now takes ten lines using the ESW framework. Those ten lines of code also remove the error-prone complexity of mapping that data into a form easily manipulated by your application logic. All software engineers are familiar with basic data structures. The Node and MetaCollections framework maps the comma delimited data into a basic data structure that any developer can use.

But, delimited files are just the beginning. We provide adapters for many forms of external data, including relational databases, fixed width data, delimited data (like comma delimited files), properties files, and XML files are provided. The ESW framework is extensible, allowing developers to easily encapsulate proprietary data sources and types into the framework.

The Node and MetaCollections is pure Java, available in the widest possible range of execution environments. We have tested and support the Node and MetaCollections product in standalone and J2EE deployment scenarios. Node and MetaCollections can and should be used in JavaBeans, EJBs, Servlets, JSPs, and stand alone applications. In other words, use Node and MetaCollections whenever and wherever you want.

Look at the examples, the JavaDocs, and the User's Guide. We feel that this framework is quite compelling. We think you will, too.

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