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In todays environment of distributed computing, a developer often needs to make remote calls to objects operating in other VM's. There are a few different ways of making these calls today, some easy to use, some not so easy. Some free, some not so free.

Some of these methods of making remote method calls from a java environment include RMI, Objectspace's Voyager, CORBA, SOAP, among others.

The most common one for java developers, RMI, while included by default in the JAVA API, has the disadvantage of being difficult for new developers to begin to use, primarily because of the Stub and Skeleton generation, and also has some disadvantages for advanced developers because there is no default connection limiting features, they must be built by the developer.

Objectspace's Voyager provides Dynamic Proxy generation to allow remote calls without Stub generation and also gives the developer access to connection limiting and control features, but comes with a large price tag, typically around $1000 per cpu for deployment.

The ESW Transport provides the Dynamic Proxy generation features on top of RMI, along with advanced connection limiting features, to enable developers to quickly start to use the product. It also provides a generic API framework so that other transport methods can be quickly added, and switched between with minimal code change on the part of the developer.


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