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Seeing is believing. We think that showing some of the code examples goes a long way to understanding and seeing the value of a framework.

These Examples are based around teaching the framework to beginning users. A combination of the Examples, User's Guide, and JavaDocs teach this framework. You can start with either the Examples or the User's Guide for context, and use the JavaDocs to fill out that understanding.

Node Creation: Shows how to create an INode instance. This is a very simple example.

Node Methods: Shows how to use and manipulate an INode instance.

MetaCollection Creation: Shows how to create an IMetaCollection instance. This is also a very simple example.

Simple Transduction: Shows the simple use of an ITransducer instance.

Simple File Conversion: Shows one of the most powerful elements of the architecture, the ability to convert data from one file type to another in just a few lines of code.

Node Visiting: Shows some of the powerful ways to iterate over an INode or IMetaCollection instance.

Node Bean Events: Shows PropertyChangeEvent events being fired from an INode instance.


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